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The Best Family Surf Vacation Destinations
December 8th, 2019 + Wayfarers Atlas

Pack up the boards, load up your Little Wayfarers, and get ready for our rollout of the best family surf vacation destinations. For those surf families who want a fine blend of saltwater, easy living, epic places, and divine destinations – we have the list for you. We know travelling with young ones in tow can be a little more challenging, often calling for safe spaces, easy wave access, and plenty of organized fun to keep the memory-making moods high. Take a look at the Wayfarers guide to the best spots for a family surf holiday…




Travelling with your family to far-flung Indonesia is blissfully easy when it comes to Bali. Kids are an integral part of the community here, and that means that everything is set up to make this place a parent’s paradise.

Bali is famed for its fabulous accommodation options, and whether you want a big family chill on the laid-back shores of Canggu or organic ease on the lesser-known eastern shores of Keramas, Bali’s accommodation is all about stashed away tropical villas and private plunge pools.

One of the best reasons to pick Bali as one of the top family surf vacation destinations is its amazing kid’s clubs. Most of Bali’s best resorts boast fully-fledged kids clubs that mean Little Wayfarers can enjoy whirlwind days of cultural encounters, arts and crafts, splashing in the sea, and top-notch supervision.

Bali is one of the best surf destinations in the world, boasting big time names like Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu and Keramas. Tropicsurf schools, daily transfers, and world-class breaks in front of incredible resorts ensure you get more than your saltwater fill.


Wayfarers Atlas Family exploring Echo Beach Canggu one of the Best Family Surf Vacation destinations

Echo Beach, Canggu

Watching the surf from Kelly Warung Bingin Bali

Bingin, Bali



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The Maldives may have a reputation for being a honeymoon hideaway with its stilted villas and moonlit strolls, but times have changed and thanks to an influx of surfers seeking pristine waves, the high-class paradise has evolved to be beautifully family-friendly.

One of the best things about picking the Maldives as one of your best family surf vacation destinations is the fact that there are scores of activities to suit a wide range of ages. Snorkelling, splashing in light-filled lagoons, taking dolphin trips with marine biologists, and pumping your legs as you cycle along jungle-clad paths.

Kids clubs in the Maldives always go that extra mile; there’s an unrivalled sense of freedom, endless beach and jungle for running wild, and often impressive extra features like complimentary ice-cream parlours, chocolate rooms, treehouses and more.

The Maldives surf scene will have you smitten with its three distinct atolls offering awe-inspiring waves. Chickens, Cokes, Tiger Stripes, and Boatyards – you can expect daily boat transfers, easy access, and perfect peelers that don’t succumb to the crowds.


Wayfarers Atlas Mother and daughter at Anantara Dhigu

Anantara Dhigu

Wayfarers Atlas father and daughter at Six Senses Laamu one of the Best Family Surf Vacation destinations

Six Senses Laamu



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Feel fabulous in Fiji, the sugar-coated family paradise. One of the most easily accessible destinations on our list, this pacific island dream doesn’t leave you worn thin and flustered by long-haul flight times. Land refreshed and raring to go as your Little Wayfarers get to run wild in the world. Mangroves, bubbling mud pools, clear water plunges, coral coasts, exciting caves, and rafting rides – Fiji invites you to star in your very own adventure show.

Family is integral to the Fijian community, which means travelling with the kids in tow ensures a warm welcome and complete cultural immersion. The resorts aren’t shy when it comes to five-star luxury either but delivers it with happy horizontal vibes meaning you can leave the tie at home and let your small ones embrace sheer freedom.

Fiji’s surf scene is a land of barreling breaks, making it one of the best family surf vacation destinations in the world. Crowds fall under the low side, and there are more than enough waves to go around. Whether you want to get your groms up and standing, looking to tick Cloudbreak off your bucket list or searching for a remote surf safari across the Yasawas, Fiji delivers an experience for all level of surfers.


Wayfarers Atlas father and daughter paddling at Tavarua Fiji


Sunset Drink with all the families on Tavarua Fiji

Sunset Drinks Fiji style




Creature comforts, fun waves, and the perfect blend of modernity meets ancient culture and epic landscapes – Oahu is a crowd-pleaser. Celebrated as being one of the best family surf vacation destinations, you can take your pick of full-scale resorts and notorious breaks.

We love that Hawaii has all those warm, familiar things we crave when travelling to far-flung places. The absence of a language barrier, small-town vibes, high levels of hygiene and service, and lashings of mod cons to keep things ticking. Resorts come well-dressed, often with modern, bright rooms and moods, and boasting spectacular swimming pools, easy access to babysitting services, child-friendly menus, and fully-fledged kids clubs that are well versed in keeping everyone entertained.

Outside of the wondrous clubs designed to keep Little Wayfarers immersed in joy, the dramatic landscapes of Hawaii have plenty to offer. Whale watching trips, Jurassic Park real-life movie tours, seeing volcanos spit and spill hot lava, ziplines, helicopters, snorkelling, waterfall splashing, wonderful beaches, horse-riding and a dizzying array of wildlife – Hawaii is epic, especially for older kids.

Arguably the home of modern-day surfing, you can be sure of always catching killer waves on Oahu. From the famous North Shore with its big wave scene to the Waikiki’s mellow rides, there isn’t a corner of this Polynesian kingdom that doesn’t serve up dream waves. Whether introducing the kids to a board for the first time or looking to tame Waimea giants, surfing is woven into every facet of Hawaiian culture.


Family surf trips, North Shore Oahu one the the Best Family Surf Vacation desintions Wayfarers Atlas

Exploring Oahu’s North Shore

Turtle Bay Resort Oahu North Shore

Turtle Bay Resort Oahu North Shore




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