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Moro Ma Doto, Morotai Island, Indonesia

Sifting through the Spice Islands where sands are made from cinnamon and the sea shifts in electric shades of blue, the Moro Ma Doto Resort can be found sewn into a pocket of lush jungle lands, ancient mango trees, dark limestone caves, and the rolling surf of the pounding Pacific. Barefoot luxe is the lore of the land; expect daylight to dwindle in the breezy comforts of dawn yoga, timber architecture, and dreamy outrigger tours of Indonesia’s most blissful breaks.

Ideal for Couples and Families

Beachfront Oasis

Unique Experience

Unique Experience

Direct access to surf break

Direct Access to Waves

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Recreation Facilities

Spa and Recreation Facilities


Morotai Island, Indonesia


AIRPORT – Daruba Airport

TRANSFER – Upon arrival in Morotai, you will be met by resort staff for the 1-hour drive to the resort.

Moro Ma Doto’s divine location requires multiple flights to access along with an overnight stay along the way. Wayfarers Atlas can make your journey to Morotai as seamless as possible.




WEATHER – Dry Season – January to March

SURF SEASON – October to April


Sitting on Indonesia’s jungle belt and boasting the balmy tropical moods of the Maluku Archipelago, Moro Ma Doto basks in the warmth all year round. While temperatures are more than temperate, the tropical placement does bring the soft gauze of rain throughout the year. Those looking to avoid the rainfall should look to visit between the months of January and March.

“Morotai may be the wild pearl of the Pacific, but Moro Ma Doto brings the glowing sheen. Polished to near perfection, this remote rarity manages to balance local treasures with five-star pleasures – all against a backdrop of eco-conscious elegance, ocean drama, and empty surf right on the doorstep.”


Remote Barefoot Luxury

Boutique Property – 4 villas

Children Welcome


Yoga Pavilion

Restaurant and Bar

Local excursions


3 fun waves directly out the front


Complimentary Wifi



A glut of greenery is waiting to be devoured at Moro Ma Doto’s onsite eatery. The resorts own permaculture garden is lovingly tended day after day, ensuring that bountiful fresh produce is waiting to be creatively curated into rich organic dishes. From overflowing breakfasts to zesty lunches and long lingering candlelight suppers gazing out to sea, there’s plenty of fine foodie magic waiting at Moro Ma Doto.

For those extra special occasions, the resort also offers a separate Chef’s Table signature experience. Moro Point delights with sit-down suppers for twelve in a private VIP area. Sip, swirl, taste and talk as the sunset dwindles from pink to pinprick stars.


Trimmed with a clean angled swimming pool for sunrise and sunset dips, the Moro Ma Doto’s infinity pool seems to sit on the edge of the earth. With views that stretch to swallow up the swaying palms, the shimmering ocean, and the fun waves that roll in out front, sinking into the warm blue water invites you to stay cool, capture sunsets, and watch the surfers dance on waves.


Strategically placed for soaking up the gentle undulating slopes, the sunrise vistas, and the sparkle of the sea, Moro Ma Doto is a dream for those seeking to reconnect with Mother Nature. A bright and airy yoga space of 100m2 invites morning mantras or for those who prefer to go barefoot and into the bliss – beside the pool or on the cliffside ensures gentle vibes for your vinyasa flow.

Sensory journeys guide you through spaces where the light dances in slats of gold and green. The spa at Moro radiates wellness with its well-placed open-air bathtubs, dreamy daybeds with divine valley views, and massages are made to keep you relaxed, revitalized and thoroughly refreshed. For those who don’t want to venture far from their own hidden abode, healing hands can come to you, offering elegant treatments and bathing experiences in the perfect privacy of your own villa.


Far from the madding crowds, the Moro Ma Doto tempts a certain kind of traveller -those who are intrepid enough to journey to the far-flung corner of the archipelago, and those who crave the comfort and luxury of the good life. This high-end resort pulls in plenty of couples seeking the ultimate romantic escape. With in-villa spa treatments, private dining, and sundowner drinks at the bar, you can be sure to get all the space and support you need for a glorious grown-up time.


Thatched private villas peek out from the juniper green jungle that rolls down to the sea. Capturing the best of both worlds, you can wake to the startling sound of tropical birds and fall asleep to the lullaby of the sweet shifting tide. Villas are designed to blend beautifully with the natural environment, offering structures of locally sourced woods, soothing whites, and sweet island touches that pull all the seams of paradise together.


With four free standing bungalows, guests can pick their own patch or for those requiring a little more space, the bungalows can come together to create one master villa of 100m2 with expansive outdoor decks and two cooling pools for late night swims or afternoon lounging on the lush daybeds. Inside you will find shades of bamboo, soft lanterns, sink down tubs with vistas across the lush fronds, and the finest linens for richly romantic sleeps.


Little Wayfarers are more than welcome to explore the stunning 60 hectares of colourful space that makes up the Moro Ma Doto Resort. Jungle, ocean, pool, and a world of natural wonders are waiting just outside making it an ideal place for your little ones to delight in the art of discovery.


Little Wayfarers are welcome into the world of Moro Ma Doto. Even though the resort doesn’t boast a dedicated kids club, the stunning surroundings, the personal approach, and the pleasure of endless natural pursuits both on land and sea gifts a sense of freedom hard to find elsewhere in the world.


The Gapoa Bungalow is a beautiful choice for family travel as it boasts a separate small room. Particulary great for those with growing teens, everyone can lavish in their own space and come together to soak up the sun on the shared terrace and sparkling pool. All the three-bed bungalows can make use of king or twins and come with a sofa bed for small people sprawling.


Little Wayfarers can splash in style as many of the bungalows boast their own pool. With parents and carers close to hand, there’s no finer pleasure than paddling and playing in the comfort of your own private abode.


Little Wayfarers will love learning all about garden to table delights at the restaurant.


Get in touch with your local Travel Doctor for up to date health information, precautions and travel advice for your destination, including information regarding clean drinking water.


Each village has a local doctor, and the nearest main hospital is just an hour away in the mainstay town of Daruba.


Not compulsory

For peace of mind, Wayfarers Atlas recommends travel insurance that includes medical evacuation. Let us organise this for you.



Mozzies can be found in paradise too.

Refer to the World Health Organisation or the US CDC for information on Mosquito-borne and other insect-borne diseases.


Doorstep Swells – Surfers will swoon over the idyllic positioning of the Moro Ma Doto Resort. Right outside the door you will find three signature breaks that make the Spice Islands a stunning destination for walking on water. These three fun waves invite you to tumble out of bed and be perfecting your pop-up in minutes. With only seven surfers allowed on a wave at one time, there is all the space you need to perfect your surfing style.

Outrigger Excursions – Tumble back into time a you explore the wild and unbridled beauty of the Spice Islands in traditional style. Outrigger excursions transport you across the seas, for plentiful picnics on deserted shores, for deep sea fishing, and for epic explorations along the nooks and crannies of the sprawling archipelago.

Rare Rebalance – Stashed in the pocket of nature and with a well-tailored emphasis on health and wellness, the Moro Ma Doto is the perfect spot for regaining balance for body and mind. Tucked out of sight from the bustle of civilization and with personalized spa services and a glut of space for yoga and meditation practice, this is your chance to breathe deep into the divine.

High End Style – Curating an award-winning style of luxury in the far-flung Spice Islands is no easy feat, but Moro Ma Doto prides itself in perfecting five-star splendor throughout your stay. From elegant eco conscious villas to permaculture gardens flourishing with fabulous food, and that unique blend of local culture meets personal pleasure, the aim is for flawless fun.



From the refreshing thunder of fabulous waterfalls to the deep dark mystery of the limestone caves; the island of Morotai is brimming with wild wonders. Spend the day jumping into naturally formed plunge pools in the forest, cross the pearly white sands of Dodola Besar, and feel your way through the darkness of the underworld as you hike the dramatic caves.

Coral Reefs surrounding Moro Ma Doto Morotai Island Surf Resort Indonesia


Moro Ma Doto is perfectly placed to snorkel, dive, and discover historical artefacts beneath the sea. There are no less than 28 diving sites scattered across Morotai. Take your pick from gem-like discoveries of rainbow shoals and coral collections or go deeper and delve down to see the sunken wrecks from World War II.


This corner of the Indonesian archipelago is a gold mine for those who love to cast a line. As one of the economic drivers for the local fishing industry, the rich waters around Moro Ma Doto are a vision of fat Tuna, Giant Trevally, Dog Tooth, Amber, Jack and Ruby. Morotai even plays host to a fishing festival and there is nothing more enchanting than taking an outrigger canoe out into vibrant blue waters to try and catch your own trophy fish.


Pick armfuls of fruits and vegetables and head out on an outrigger for a lavish picnic on the pretty pale shores of Tabailenge Island. Spend the day nibbling on gourmet goodies, uncorking a bottle of wine, and snorkelling the lagoon. Surfers can be sure to pack their boards too as the peelers out back are tantalizing.


Take a stand-up paddleboard out to shore, feel the warmth press down, gaze across the dense jungle, and catch sight of a school of bright fish beneath your feet. Paddleboarding is the perfect complementary activity for yogi’s and surfers who want to take their balancing act one step further.

Prestine beaches surrounding Moro Ma Doto Morotai Island Surf Resort Indonesia


Untouched by birders until recent years, the lush lands around Moro Ma Doto are a feathered fantasy for those who adore the melodic trill of birdsong and a flash of colour between the trees. From the Dusky Friarbird to the Morotai Drongo, Barking Owns, and the vibrant Paradise Fisher – catching sight of these curious creatures lends a certain kind of magic to your stay.


Moro Ma Doto guests can enjoy one of 3 reef breaks directly in front of the resort and only a paddle away. The resort also provides transfers either by outrigger boat or land to surrounding breaks.

The best surf is from October through March when conditions are ideal. Guests can expect light winds and offshore conditions and swells ranging from 3-6 feet.

Surrounding breaks on the north coast offer consistent sizeable swell.

  • There is a maximum of 7 surfers allowed per break.
  • Surf lessons and guided tours are available at a surcharge.
  • Bring your own boards or use boards provided by the resort



October to April


Beginner to Advanced






Reef Break

Direct access to surf break

Direct access to waves

Boat Transfers to Surrounding Breaks Provided

Coaching & Guiding Available

Equipment Available

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