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At Wayfarers Atlas our passion is finding the finest resorts in surf destinations around the world perfect for surfers and their families. From the warmth of Fijian waves to the billowing gauzy surf of the Maldives, the spiritual sojourns of Bali and everywhere in-between, we find surf destinations to make your saltwater dreams come true. Choose from sleek eco-resorts clinging to cliffs, hip hangouts close to chic cities, and barefoot luxury hideaways dotted in the tapestry of blue that makes up the Indian Ocean. You are invited to embrace the world and all her waves with Wayfarers Atlas.


Suites on stilts, clean peeling surf without the crowds, and family-friendly resorts offering an array of tropical bliss activity – this is the magic of the Maldives surf resorts. The rich archipelago that makes up the Maldives can be broken into three distinct sections; the Male Atolls, Central Atolls and the South Atolls. Each corner of this pristine paradise delivers world-famous waves. The Maldives is where surf starts to get intrepid – boat safaris, helicopter drop-ins, and lost spots without another soul in sight – this is what saltwater dreams are made of. Back in the whimsical world of the…

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Fiji is a poster child for paradise. Nowhere conjures up exotic images of swaying palms, ice white sands, and smiling locals quite like this little gem in the middle of the South Pacific. The two major draws are the islands of the Mamanucas and the Yasawas where not only will you find the idyllic dream of soft-lit lagoons, rich coral reefs and turquoise hues – but you will also find jaw-dropping surf spots and incredible Fiji Surf Resorts perfect for family adventures and couples escapes.

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With an impressive 50,000km of coastline, Australia offers up more beaches, bays and inlets then you can imagine. From the sunny Gold Coast, Northern NSW, and Byron Bay through to Lennox Head, there are countless waves to surf and incredible coastal towns to explore. Australian Surf Resorts offer a boutique holiday experience. Located on some of the countries best surf breaks, a stay at one of these luxury properties will be a trip to remember.

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The epicenter of the surf universe – Indonesia is the promise land for the intrepid, the free-spirited, the soulful and the wild at heart. From sun salutations, party nights and the famed waves of Padang Padang in Bali, to the final frontiers of Sumatra, and the glorious golden rays and blue wedge days that can be found on the Mentawai Islands – for surfers, Indonesia feels like the ultimate homecoming. Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands – some cloaked in jungle and home to swinging orangutans, others punctuated with gorgeous surf resorts and barefoot backpackers. Yet, they all…

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The aloha spirit is alive and well in the surf capital of the world. Oahu is a heady whirlwind of unbroken waves, wildflowers, prehistoric rainforests, and outdoor bliss. For surfers, Hawaii is the ultimate calling card - the birthplace of legends and surf lore that has been passed down throughout the ages. Yet beyond the breaks, the island offers so much more. Families will swoon at Oahu's surf resorts, and the chance to hula the night away. Couples will bliss out in honeymoon havens, and friends will fall in love with helicopter rides, adrenaline sports and energetic nightlife scene that…

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The sacred homeland of surf - a place where perfect waves peel beneath ancient temples, Bali will put your mind, body and soul back on track. The proclaimed Island of the Gods has been drawing surfers and spirituals to its shores for years. Bali Surf Resorts are what dreams are made of. You'll find boutique villas through to cliff-top 5-star luxury resorts with world-class waves breaking on their doorstep and facilities for the whole family. No matter your preference there is accommodation to suit every style of traveller. Whether you are pure surf junkie seeking hours in the water, a…

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The next saltwater obsession- Sumatra captures everything that is rare and wonderful about the world of surfing. While other spots in Indonesia run the risk of being trampled by tourism, Sumatra maintains her mystique. Once upon a time these jungle-clad lands and pristine peaks were off-limits and completely inaccessible to all but the hardiest of travelling surfers. Now, thanks to only a few bespoke eco-resorts offering surf packages, those with a fierce spirit but still seeking the comfort of luxury can now explore the tropical swells of Sumatra. The swells that roll in across these Indonesian shores consistently hit between…

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Pick a surf resort in the Philippines and you will truly be on Cloud 9. Celebrated as being one of the friendliest countries in the world, the Philippines is a postcard vision comprising thousands of tropical islands, a rich archipelago, and world-class surf breaks rolling in across the typhoon swell sea. While the surf conditions can be scattered, there is plenty to keep wayfarers well entertained when the waves turn off. Aside from idyllic beach life on silver slips of sand, you can dive in deep shimmering lagoons, kayak the wild and untapped waters of North Palawan, wander around cascading…

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Sri Lanka

Land of tumbling tea plantations, rolling soft surf, and elephants trundling in the bush – few countries still have the fairy-tale exotica that Sri Lanka can offer. A relative newcomer on the surfer’s path, this head-turning little gem knows how to pierce the heart; there remains a genuine warmth in the smile of locals, a sweetness in the air, and a fiery dance of flavour on the tongue from the tantalizing local cuisine. In-between surf sessions you can visit UNESCO temples, take scenic train rides through the verdant landscape, go leopard spotting in the depths of the jungle, and fall…

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The beating bright heart of Polynesia – Samoa is a long sigh of delight. An ancient land and one created rugged at the seams; where tropical gardens blaze, waterfalls tumble, and exotic cultures explode into a colourful frenzy of song, dance and fire. For surfers, Samoa still remains a rare curiosity, skewered from the well-beaten track. Her waves are wild and perfect – consistently rolling in around the calendar and arching between 3-10ft depending on the season. Yet, as a still relatively untouched spot – you can find killer swells free from the tangle of crowds. Surf culture is still…

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Flung far into the east of the Indonesia Archipelago, Sumba is seemingly the land that time forgot. While Bali may have her smoothie bowls and yoga studios, Sumba's Surf Resorts remains tucked behind the veil of tourist hype. Low slung limestone hills stretch out to meet empty white-sand beaches flanked by the force of Mother Nature’s greatest waves. Into the interior and you will find singing waterfalls, ancient villages with conical grass roofs, and tribal village communities throwing spears from horseback. The whole place is hauntingly beautiful and brimming with lost world seduction. When we talk about the surf of…

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Morotai Island

A lyrical name, an obscure history, and far from the tourist trail – Morotai is every inch the desert island that has yet to buckle beneath the demands of hordes of discerning travellers. Dubbed the Pearl of the Pacific, Morotai invites you as far-flung north as you can go in Indonesia. A barely-there place to be; Morotai Island's pristine waters offer incredible diving and fishing. There’s only one luxury resort and little infrastructure meaning that surfers can enjoy salt-laden days all to themselves. Tanjung Sopi is considered the nation's pride when it comes to surf breaks. Challenging conditions, and uncluttered…

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