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World class waves. Barefoot luxury. Family fun. Beauty and balance.

Booking your dream surf holiday for your family is more than just the size of the swell or the timing of the tide.
You want the wild blue at your doorstep. An easy ride to epic waves.
Laidback luxury and chilled out family vibes. A magical place where your Little Wayfarers are young and free with sand in their toes and the world at their feet.

Thoughtfully designed hotels and unique resorts where timeless
design, rustic beauty, boutique touches, spa serenity and a
sustainable footprint collide. A place where there’s something for everyone .
From the Mentawais to the Maldives and Sri Lanka to South Africa, we’ve got your ideal family surf destination covered.

Get Inspired: The Travel Guides

Can’t decide if you want to veer off the beaten track or select a well-trodden, wave-filled path? Explore our exotic destinations and plan your next surfing adventure with ease using our luxe travel guides.

Naladhu, Maldives

Translated directly as Beautiful Island, Naladhu captures the easy-going epitome of castaway shores. A smidge of sand and style adrift in the South Male Atoll, with only a handful of villas you are expected to share your slice of paradise with very few. With your very own house master to orchestrate tailor made adventures and experiences on these idyllic shores, Naladhu is sure to capture your heart.

Aloita Resort, Sumatra

Paradise lost is paradise found on the rare and remote Mentawai Islands. Indonesia doesn’t come more exotic than – jungle clad beaches, speedboat transfers to mind-blowing surf, and exclusive cottages punctuated with just the right amount of gauze and rattan make for an enticing stay. Non-surfers will also find Aloita awe-inspiring with its peaceful paddleboard mornings, private white beach, and beautiful buddha bowls.


The Wave Diaries

Paddle over here to find out more about how to plan (and pack for) the perfect family surfing sojourn, how to keep the Little Wayfarers happy and entertained and explore the sunkissed secret spots around the world where there’s something for everyone.



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