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The destinations are iconic. The resorts are boutique. The little Wayfarers are happy. The waves are world class.


The Wayfarer experience: Family time. Down time. Wave time.

Whether it’s the arrival of teeny tiny Wayfarers in your life or, as a couple, you’re simply beyond the solo surfing safari and epic boys’ trips, the Wayfarers experience is all about the search for waves with a difference.

We understand that the dream surf holiday is about the balance of waves and family (both a science and an art form).

Finding that perfect blend of fun waves, chilled out charm, cultural beauty and the chance to carve out some time with your loved ones left on the shores takes hours of research and planning.

We created our unique surf travel destination, Wayfarers Atlas, to offer you and your family incredible options for bespoke surf travel complete with indulgent touches and creature comforts to keep the keen surfers, children and non-surfers entertained from dawn to dusk.

Wayfarers makes finding that ideal destination and perfect accommodation for your next surf trip a breeze.

We’re about waves, luxury, balance and an unforgettable travel experience that stays with you long after you’ve rinsed the salty water off your board and jet-setted home to the daily grind.

The Wayfarers Atlas exclusive online directory showcases a curated selection of premium resorts and hotels from around the world that are located on, or close to, top quality surf breaks, perfect for both couple and family surf trips.

We select carefully considered destinations around the globe and sustainable, design-focused resorts where there’s waves out front (or where the breaks are an easy transfer away), a host of non-surfing activities and the chance to relax at the day spa or curl up on a sun lounger and chill out while the little Wayfarers run barefoot in the sand.

Through the Wayfarers website and booking directory, you can quickly find a heavenly hotel or exotic surf destination that caters for all of your family and surf travel requirements.

Ask us to arrange it all for you or get inspired by our travel guides to help you select the trip that’s perfect for your family.

We’re also more than just a website about waves, family and holidays – we’re a community of surf and ocean lovers from far flung corners of the world with a love of surf travel that’s a bit out of the box.


meet your travel advisor

the luxury travel specialist – SARAH PAYNE

In my previous career as an interior designer, I draw on my love of design and my passion for travel to bring a new perspective to surf travel. One that breaks away from the typical ‘wave-focused’ surf travel sites and helps couples and families find amazing holiday options. As a wife of a surfer, I know first hand how every surf holiday can end up revolving around surfing and since having children, my ‘reading and lazing by the pool’ days are limited. Ensuring that incredible waves are on the doorstep of the chosen hotel goes a long way to balancing out the time my husband is away surfing and the time we spend together as a family.


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how it works

We’re not your typical ‘surf-centric’ travel site.

We’re all about one-of-a-kind experiences, sophisticated style, lasting memories and surf travel with a difference.

We hand-select, and partner, with boutique properties that cater to keen surfers, shore lovers, loved-up couples and adventurous families alike.

We love connecting surfers and their companions with premium resorts and hotels that would please even the most discerning traveller.

We want to give you all of the information, research and practical tips you need to make stress-free, educated travel decisions and peace of mind that your holiday will be a fun and memorable one.

And we’re not just the little black book of surf holidays.

Our bespoke, end-to-end travel booking service is meticulously designed to take care of your holiday plans from start to finish, including the tiny, memorable details, to create the ultimate surfing experience and family memories that will last a lifetime.

A slice of the good life is yours for the taking. Let’s find your wild.




For our family, there’ll be plenty of surfing holidays on the horizon. And I know I’ll enjoy plenty more solo sunset drinks on the beach, manning the kids while my husband scores waves. But Wayfarers Atlas has now given me a bucket list of amazing destinations and surf spots to help me plan our next adventure.”

Sarah Payne, Co-Founder of Wayfarers Atlas




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