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Aloita Resort, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Paradise lost is paradise found on the rare and remote Mentawai Islands. Indonesia doesn’t come more exotic than – jungle clad beaches, speedboat transfers to mind-blowing surf, and exclusive cottages punctuated with just the right amount of gauze and rattan make for an enticing stay. Non-surfers will also find Aloita awe-inspiring with its peaceful paddleboard mornings, private white beach, and beautiful buddha bowls.

Ideal for Couples and Families

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Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


Wayfarers Atlas can make your journey to Aloita Resort as seamless as possible.

AIRPORT – Minangkabau International Airport

TRANSFER – Transfer to Padang, three-hour Mentawai fast ferry, 15-minute private speedboat.

The best places are uncovered by taking those few extra steps and the Aloita Resort is no exception. Start your journey by touching down in Padang and spending the night before boarding the fast ferry to the Mentawai Islands bright and early the next morning. The ferry will take around 3 and a half hours. Once you reach the other side, the port of Tua-Pejat, an Aloita Resort rep will be waiting to whisk you away on a 15-minute speedboat to your final fantasy destination. The resort also offers fully inclusive transfer packages to take all the fuss out of organizing your own transport solutions.



WEATHER – April to September – Dry Season

SURF SEASON – March to November


The easy going equatorial climate is always a welcome relief for surfers traveling from cooler climates. You can expect a blissful thirty degrees to greet you most days with plenty of golden sunshine to compliment your yoga mornings. Those used to following the weather patterns of Bali may be surprised to hear that the Mentawai’s work on their own schedule. The wet season swoops down between October and March where short sharp showers bring tropical silver rain and high humidity.

“Far from the madding crowd you will find the mythical lands of the Mentawai Islands and the Aloita Resort – where life moves in sync with the waves and boutique beach bliss is peachy”


Rates include three meals a day.

The resort also offers fully inclusive transfer packages to take all the fuss out of organizing your own transport solutions.

Kids 0-5 Go Free

Surf Guiding Package – $60 USD per day per person


Boutique Luxury

Remote Location

Access to the Best Waves

Surf Guiding and Coaching

Surf Photography Packages Available

As Aloita is switching to solar, electricity in the bungalows is switched off during the day – although common areas will still have plenty of charge.


Excursions and water sports

Library and internet facilities

Gift shop

Laundry service


Complimentary WIFI – Signal can be temperamental



The open-air restaurant expertly crafted in locally sourced timber is an idyllic spot for late afternoon aperitif’s and smoothie bowls for breakfast. Foodies will be fall over happy to hear that the owners of the Aloita Resort are Italian, which means gourmet goodies around the clock. With three healthy meals served as part of your stay, the chef makes the most of being perched on these rich turquoise archipelago waters. Yet, tastes aren’t solely tantalized by fish – fresh pasta, rainbow vegetables, exotic fruits, rare cuts of meat and sophisticated sides are all worked into the beautiful buffets presented fresh every day.


Who needs a swimming pool when you are surrounded by soft lit lagoons, peeling waves and the scent of saltwater on skin. The wooden boardwalk that peters out into the lagoon offers flop down sunbeds for seaside lounging shaded by a bamboo roof for cooling off in the high heat of the afternoon. Intrepid Little Wayfarers will adore taking the leap to break the surface of the blue. You can be sure that you always feel connected to the sea at Aloita.


The nurturing hand of Mother Nature will keep your wellness vibes at an all time high. While the Aloita Resort doesn’t boast extensive spa facilities, they do offer divine massages for ironing out those after surf kinks.


The Aloita Resort finds that sweet balance between being an adults playground and a Little Wayfarers retreat. With a picture perfect private beach and roomy self-contained cottages, couples and friends seeking intimate space don’t need to worry about tiny gatecrashers.


An intimate haven, the Aloita Resort blends the spirit of boutique with the rarity of a Robinson Crusoe escape. With only ten bungalows sitting on two kilometres of sun-kissed white sand, you don’t need to waste a thought on the idea of crowds or chaos. Each stunning self-contained structure has been expertly put together using the finest locally sourced ingredients and all come with awe-inspiring ocean facing decks as standard.


Beautiful bungalows are completely self-contained inviting you down lanai strewn pathways that reach from the warm sands to your own front door. You can choose from single, double or triple occupancy to meet your needs. Stony tones are highlighted with the soft shades of local timber, Indonesian materials, and ocean-inspired touches. Air-conditioning, mosquito nets, hot water and a minibar are those much-needed features that deliver an air of delicious luxury. Outdoor showers and shaded racks for your surfboard in your own courtyard are a keen reminder that you are indeed in a surfer’s paradise.


With space for 4-6 guests, stretched across two bedrooms and a living room, the family bungalow offers exceptional sigh in delight style. The ocean facing terrace is an ideal space for lingering in the last golden slants of sunlight, and the you will also find all the mod-cons of tea and coffee making facilities, air-conditioning, mosquito nets, and so forth to keep you cool and comfortable. An added bonus for those travelling with children or groups of friends is that the downstairs bedroom has its own peaceful private entrance – perfect for those who prefer late nights. The courtyard, outdoor shower and storage space once again keeps everyone feeling like they have their own home in heaven.


Learn to surf school

Skate ramp

Get close to nature

Healthy colourful meals


Baby cots are available if booked in advance.


Be sure to pack a raincoat and sun protection thanks to the tropically changeable weather that makes the Mentawai Islands so magical. Mosquito repellent is also recommended as without any shops close by its good to stock up.


A first aid kit is available on the island and a doctor can be found at the local village harbor. All guests will need compulsory health insurance with medi-vac due to the rare and remote location of the resort.


Little Wayfarers are welcome to stay and play on the sugary island sands of Aloita. While babysitting services aren’t yet available and there is no kids club to speak of – there is plenty to keep small ones wildly entertained and close to nature.


The Family Bungalows are beautifully orchestrated with plenty of space for the whole family. The joy of having two bedrooms, one with a separate entrance gifts a sense of freedom for all. Being perched right on the sands means that wild wayfarers can tumble out of bed and race down to the shore.


Plenty of families find their perfect memories at the Aloita Resort. A skate ramp is set up to encourage Little Wayfarers to find their fun on wheels, world class surfing is right on your doorstep and days plunging and snorkelling around the lagoon are a luscious way to spend your childhood.


There is no dedicated kids pool available at the Aloita Resort but with the beach a few steps away, Little Wayfarers and their families have two kilometres of sandy space to claim as their own.


With three healthy meals a day included in the price, Little Wayfarers can pick the perfect plates to keep their energy levels at an all time high. Locally sourced goodies, fresh pizza and pasta are always child friendly options for fussy palates.


Get in touch with your local Travel Doctor for up to date health information, precautions and travel advice for your destination, including information regarding clean drinking water.


A first aid kit is provided at the resort, however we strongly recommend bringing your own medications. In particular, an antiseptic to clean cuts and antibiotics in case of infection. Aloita does not have a doctor on site. There is a local hospital in Tua Pejat (half hour away).



Travel insurance must include medical evacuation. Let us organise this for you.


Mozzies can be found in paradise too.

Refer to the World Health Organisation or the US CDC for information on Mosquito-borne and other insect-borne diseases.



The surf school at Aloita will take you from pearling peaks to beautiful barrels. Whether you are a complete beginner or an old hand – qualified instructors are there to guide you through the waves of paradise. For those who prefer a smoother ride – SUP tours around the ribbon like reefs are a must.


Half day snorkelling tours to the Setan Islands invites you to plunge into the purest kind of bliss. Every shade of blue provides a home to plenty of phantasmagorical fish and other exotic marine life. With the only fully-fledged diving school, Aloita is also the place to push your boundaries and go down deep.


Organized half day treks will take you past wildflowers blooming in the shade, deserted shores, and beneath the dripping heat of tropical forests. Along the way you will be introduced to a wide range of flora and fauna and have the chance to learn the secrets of the native people on these fair isles.


Just steps away from the waters edge you can ground yourself with the gorgeous healing energy of bright breath and nature. The Aloita Resort yoga programs offer twice daily classes – one as the sun is starting her rise and the other as she begins to fall.


Cultural trekking tours to visit the locals on nearby Siberut Island makes for a fascinating journey deep into the spirit of Indonesia. While not an easy excursion to make through the dense jungle, the chance to spend time with these indigenous people whose way of life remains unchanged for years is truly a once in a lifetime experience.


From the Aloita Resort, you can access over 70 per cent of the Mentawai’s magical waves in less than an hour. Surf safaris here are out of this world and enough to leave anyone stoked after the surfing experience of a lifetime.

The Mentawai is consistently hailed as having the best waves in the world; thanks to its equator position, soft silky winds, and seismic action which causes peaks and breaks to hit just about every corner of the reefs.

Suicides, Telescopes, Ombak Tidur and Icelands – these are just a few names to get you fired up. The waves tend to stay between the 3-6ft mark depending on season and condition, and there are certainly plenty of challenging spots for pros to pick. Beginners too will find their break especially with the expertise of the surf instructors at Aloita.


Surf package costs USD 60 per day per person and includes two daily speedboat surf sessions (morning and afternoon) with an experienced surf guide. Mentawai Surf Tax is not included.


The house reef break, a mellow left-hander, is just a 10-minute walk away and perfect for those learning to surf or looking to improve.

Lessons are USD 50 per person, including rental of our soft top surfboards.


Make sure you pack your surf booties for the coral reef.

Not sure how many boards to pack? Keep in mind the Indonesian customs allow a maximum of 3 surfboards for personal use. Additional boards will be considered imports and will be charged a fee (approx. 100 USD per board).


March to November


Beginner to Advanced




Limited to 14 Surfers


Reef Break

Direct access to surf break

No direct access to waves

Boat transfers to surrounding breaks

Coaching & Guiding

Equipment Rental

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