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The epicenter of the surf universe – Indonesia is the promise land for the intrepid, the free-spirited, the soulful and the wild at heart. From sun salutations, party nights and the famed waves of Padang Padang in Bali, to the final frontiers of Sumatra, and the glorious golden rays and blue wedge days that can be found on the Mentawai Islands – for surfers, Indonesia feels like the ultimate homecoming. Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands – some cloaked in jungle and home to swinging orangutans, others punctuated with gorgeous surf resorts and barefoot backpackers. Yet, they all have one thing in common; the hollow waves, the epic swells, and Instagram worthy beaches that will set your soul on fire. Whichever pocket of Indonesia you choose, you will be sure that you have found heaven. Our hand-picked Indonesian Surf Resorts cater to couples and families and offer something for everyone. From 5 star resorts, to remote island escapes their is a surf resort and experience for every style of traveler in Indonesia.
Morotai Island

A lyrical name, an obscure history, and far from the tourist trail – Morotai is every inch the desert island that has yet to buckle beneath the demands of hordes of discerning travellers. Dubbed the Pearl of the Pacific, Morotai invites you as far-flung north as you can go in Indonesia. A barely-there place to be; Morotai Island's pristine waters offer incredible diving and fishing. There’s only one luxury resort and little infrastructure meaning that…

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The sacred homeland of surf - a place where perfect waves peel beneath ancient temples, Bali will put your mind, body and soul back on track. The proclaimed Island of the Gods has been drawing surfers and spirituals to its shores for years. Bali Surf Resorts are what dreams are made of. You'll find boutique villas through to cliff-top 5-star luxury resorts with world-class waves breaking on their doorstep and facilities for the whole family.…

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Flung far into the east of the Indonesia Archipelago, Sumba is seemingly the land that time forgot. While Bali may have her smoothie bowls and yoga studios, Sumba's Surf Resorts remains tucked behind the veil of tourist hype. Low slung limestone hills stretch out to meet empty white-sand beaches flanked by the force of Mother Nature’s greatest waves. Into the interior and you will find singing waterfalls, ancient villages with conical grass roofs, and tribal…

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The next saltwater obsession- Sumatra captures everything that is rare and wonderful about the world of surfing. While other spots in Indonesia run the risk of being trampled by tourism, Sumatra maintains her mystique. Once upon a time these jungle-clad lands and pristine peaks were off-limits and completely inaccessible to all but the hardiest of travelling surfers. Now, thanks to only a few bespoke eco-resorts offering surf packages, those with a fierce spirit but still…

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