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Resort Latitude Zero, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Beauty abounds in the off the beaten track locale of the Mentawai Islands, but the Resort Latitude Zero still manages to nudge rare wonder up a notch. Nestled amid the cracked sweet scent of coconut trees, the resort sits on its own private Telo Island, fringed by sandy beaches, warm aqua hues, and epic surf breaks. Straddling the equator and sitting in the centre of what is called, the final frontier of wild surfing – this Queenslander style luxury resort is too tantalizing for both serious surfers wanting unlimited breaks on their doorstep, and those who simply want to splash, surf and chill.

Ideal for Couples and Families

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Island Paradise

Unique Experience

Unique Experience

Children's Facilities

Close proximity to surrounding surf breaks

Spa and Recreation Facilities


Telo Island, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


Wayfarers Atlas can make your journey to Resort Latitude Zero as seamless as possible.

AIRPORT – Minangkabau International Airport

TRANSFER – Transfer by private charter flight.

After touch down in Padang, a resort representative will be there to greet you on arrival. From here you will be driven 40 minutes into Padang city where you will spend the night, awaiting your charter flight to the resort the following morning.



WEATHER – April to September – Dry Season

SURF SEASON – March to November


Clinging to the equator, Telo Island is no stranger to days sculpted from sunshine and salt water. Most days won’t be shy when it comes to hitting the thirty-degree mark or more. Those who have surfed Bali before don’t need to apply the same weather system to the Mentawai, this end of Indonesia works on its own clock. The rainy season lashes down between October and March and those balmy blue days linger on between April and September.

“Mellow moods and magic waves are waiting at Resort Zero Latitude where you have the sense that you have fallen off the map and into a place where everyone wants to help you find your stoke.”


Non-surfer discount

All meals included in price


Boutique Luxury

Remote Location

Transfer Packages

Surf Charters


Surf Excursions

Internet facilities

Gift shop

Laundry service

Surf Photography Service


Direct access to waves


WIFI cost RP 70,000 (approx $5 USD) per hour

Medical Facilities 20 minutes away

Pack a USB stick for all your surf images you will come home with.



Laid-back living, tropical bliss, and a commitment to surf – this seems to be the mantra behind Latitude Zero. Rather than a stuffy cookie cutter restaurant, you will find a sociable communal dining scene placed beneath a gazebo and the gorgeous open kitchen. The eclectic mix of western comfort and Indonesian flair makes for exquisite colourful dishes. Latitude Zero came into this place with a keen commitment to the local community, and therefore the kitchen team is curated from talented natives keen to share their passion and pizazz for flavour whether you are a gourmand guest or hungry surfer.


Latitude Zero invites sweet-water splashing in-between surf sets. The generous pool sits perched between the two main timber buildings. Swimming laps beneath the towering coconut palms, drifting on your back looking out at the humps of Mentawai’s magic islands, and sipping an ice-cold beer beneath the thatched roof of the cabana is a keen reminder as to life’s purest simple pleasures.


The Karmah Spa ensures that all knots and kinks come undone. The resorts very own fuss free pamper-paradise swaps frills for the raw honesty of healing hands, natural facials, full body scrubs, wraps and even candle treatments for the ears. In-keeping with its boutique theme, you can expect a plethora of organic essential oils, virgin coconut oil, local honey and yoghurt, salt plucked from the sea, clay scooped from the land and floral notes picked from the tropical gardens.

The resort also offers its own mini-gym area for those savvy surfers who want to keep fit and toned during those hours back on dry land.


The attitude towards family fun and adult pleasure is truly inspiring at the Resort Latitude Zero. While there is everything on hand to help curate those extra special memories with your Little Wayfarers, there is also a side to the island that nudges time to yourself. The staff are always on hand to help arrange babysitting and dedicated guides will take the grom’s surfing, so that parents can head out to the backline without a worry.


With two boutique guest houses offering clean cut, air-conditioned bedrooms and laid back chillout spaces, along with bungalows for family fun – life at Resort Latitude Zero has all the specs you need for a relaxed island stay. The open plan layout etched out in this chunk of coconut plantation invites easy-living with a cocooned communal vibe. You can connect easily with other guests thanks to the social element spaces, but of course – for those times when you want your own hideaway – the resort caters well for those secret moments of serenity.


Queenslander comfort invites a sense of elevated ease at the gorgeous guest house of the Resort Latitude Zero. Wrap around balconies invite dwellers to step outside their door and gaze down upon the pool and dining gazebo – creating an air of first-class communal vibes. The rooms themselves benefit beautifully from wide shaded eaves, polished wooden features and soothing cream colour schemes. Bedrooms come complete with ensuite bathrooms and each of the two main houses offer a kick back chillout suite on the top floor. Bedrooms boast ceiling fans, air-conditioning, workspaces, and French doors that you can fling open to step on your own section of the veranda.


Couples and small families wanting to feel perfectly at home on the Telo Islands will adore taking over the purpose-built ocean front bungalows. Sitting right on the fringes of the south beach with its golden sands bleeding into turquoise hues, you can soak up the enchantment of the Mentawai’s from your own private balcony. Air-conditioned comfort ensures everyone stays cool no matter how thick and humid the air outside. Flexible bed arrangements can be tailored to suit your group and bungalow guests also get the exclusivity of a 4-guest speedboat service around the islands at their beck and call. Those luscious touches like surfboard racks, full service mini-bar, ensuite and robes, and surrounding tropical gardens lend well to the luxury surf lifestyle.


Groms of all surfing abilities are looked after by RLZ’s experienced guides who are there to keep them safe and ensure the froth level is high. The uncrowded Telo Island breaks are the perfect place for youngsters. Guides seek out clean perfectly sized waves just right for their ability level.


Cots for sleepy Little Wayfarers available on request.


Reasonably well equipped hospital with a doctor on call 24 hour


Little Wayfarers and surf crazed groms will find their feet, freedom, and sense of fun on the Telo Islands. Unlike other Indonesian islands, Telo isn’t cut off with a sharp fringe reef – instead soft sandy bottoms entice little feet to run hollering into the warm blue waters. Along with a clean safe beach for endless play, the resort is brimming with pool toys, trampolines, books and boats to keep kids both big and small well entertained. Older kids adore the vibe at Latitude Zero, where they can test their prowess on clean unbroken waves just like mum and dad.


The Family Bungalows are a perfect choice for those traveling families who want their own space, sound-proof pleasures, and stretch of sand right outside their door. These bungalows bring so fun flexibility and sleeping arrangements can be orchestrated as you see fit. Having your own yard and outdoor terrace invites the al fresco life to come and go with perfect pleasure.


Little Wayfarers have plenty to fill their hours with fun. While there is no dedicated kids club, there is plenty of space to play. From days down on the beach to surf sessions that will make them feel ten feet tall, games rooms and billiards for cool competitions, and mini adventures to be sought with the fun of a paddle board, kayak, and army of sea turtles – Telo Island encourages the art of imaginative play. The local staff are great with children and the team are more than keen to help keep small ones entertained and to help arrange babysitting services for parents.


There may not be a dedicated kid pool available but with the sandy lagoon like beach a few steps away, Little Wayfarers and their families can choose to splash in saltwater bliss or head to the communal resort pool.


The chefs love playing with food so Little Wayfarers need not fuss. From well-known western comfort to cool new twists, one thing is for sure – no one ever goes hungry at Latitude Zero.


Get in touch with your local Travel Doctor for up to date health information, precautions and travel advice for your destination, including information regarding clean drinking water.


Reasonably well equipped hospital with a doctor on call 24 hour and X-Ray



Travel Insurance is mandatory for all guests staying at the resort and voyaging on Resort Latitude Zero’s vessels. Ensure cover includes medical evacuation. Let us organise this for you.


Mozzies can be found in paradise too.

Resort Latitude Zero takes all reasonable measures to minimise your risk, however see your travel doctor for advice prior to travel.

Refer to the World Health Organisation or the US CDC for information on Mosquito-borne and other insect-borne diseases.


Nomad charters resort latitude zero

Nomad Charters – Nothing is off limits when you have an intrepid fleet of beautiful boats to take you out beyond the wildest back line. Sumatran surf adventures are all part of the passion behind Latitude Zero. The experienced crew want to help surfers find their stoke and are always keen to track down the finest waves on their charter trips.

unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero

Remote Location – They don’t call these parts of Indonesia, the final frontier of surfing for nothing. While the waters of Bali and beyond may teem with reef seekers and soul surfers, here in the Mentawai Islands you have a world that sits beyond the borders. The local touch, empty breaks, and a small cool community make sure that every moment in the Mentawai’s have a magic to them.

Traditional Canoe Resort Latitude Zero

Traditional Canoes – If you want to take to the water in a new way, leave the SUPS and sea kayaks on the shore and hop in one of the traditional wooden canoes the resort has to offer. Every day as the sun starts to sink, the locals pile in the boats to cast their lines. Guests are more than welcome to hop in and take their Little Wayfarers out to explore the waters.

local harbour resort latitude zero

Local Connections – Cultural connections are part of the charm and wonder of the Indonesian Islands – especially on Telo where the outside world seems so far away. From island wilderness walks to insight tours of the local Nias culture community, you are more than welcome to make friends and discover a remote way of life in Telo town.


speed boats at resort latitude zero


Speedboat sessions, multi-day surf charters, and safaris to discover some of Sumatra’s untamed breaks – for saltwater adventurers the opportunities at Latitude Zero are endless. The resort has its own fleet of boats – from quick day tenders to timber sloops designed for wave tracking, the impossible suddenly becomes within reach.

spearfishing at resort latitude zero


While regular fishing adventures are on the menu at Latitude Zero, guests with a powerful arm and sense of tradition can opt to try their hand at spear fishing. An authentic taste of Indonesian life – grab your snorkel and spear and head into the crystal-clear blue to catch your supper.

underwater fish at resort latitude zero


With lagoon like shallows and crystal-clear visibility right on your doorstep, guests can plunge right into the wonders of snorkelling without going far. Simple grab a mask and fins from the resort and hit the water to swim with tropical fish and Zen like sea turtles. All the surf breaks close by also have great nooks and crannies for snorkelling so that family and friends who don’t want to ride the waves can hop on the boat and still be entertained.


Surf adventures don’t get any more intrepid then when staying at the Resort Latitude Zero. Here, surfers get the best of both worlds – the comfort and class of a land camp with the freedom and flexibility of using the Nomad. Guests can take their pick of resort only, nomad charter only, or a blend of both packages to suit their surfing style.

Each house on the resort has access to their own speedboat (no more than 8 surfers at a time), and each speedboat comes with a dedicated guide who will lead you through the myriad of magic waves that surround the Telo Islands. There are breaks to suit all levels – from gorgeous beginner greens to pro peaks, heavy barrels, and down the line walls. Some of the favoured breaks include Rangas, Monkeys, Bombers, Bum Cracks, and Beach Break. There is also plenty of chance to head into the unknown realms and discover new horizons.


  • Depth Chargers: Located directly in front of the resort and only a short paddle away, this grinding right-hander, is described as the ‘jewel in the crown’ with perfect tubes for over 100m. On its day it’s arguably the best wave in the Telo Islands.
  • Rangas: A shallow, punchy wave and right hand reef break that bends into a deep channel. It’s a short ride with an awesome end hook section so you can really bring it home. When it’s bigger than 5ft,  Between 2′ and 5′, this wave is a perfect, achievable tube.
  • Bombers: A classic Indo reef break (right hand), this one fires on larger swells with easy take offs and speedy barrels.


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Jack Freestone doing an air Resort Latitude Zero
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unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero
unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero
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unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero
surfer getting barrelled Resort Latitude Zero
unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero
unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero
surfer getting barrelled Resort Latitude Zero
unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero
unriden wave Resort Latitude Zero
surfer getting barrelled Resort Latitude Zero


March to November


Beginner to Advanced






Reef Break

Direct access to surf break

Direct Access to Waves

Boat transfers to surrounding breaks

Coaching & Guiding

Equipment Rental - Longboards only

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