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Disconnect to Reconnect: 3 Reasons Surf Holidays Force You To Relax
June 17th, 2019 + Wayfarers Atlas

We live in a hyperconnected world.

Always on. Always scrolling. Always posting, liking, emailing, responding, calling, checking in.

So when do we get the chance to disconnect and remember what it feels like to just be ourselves? To just be.

Holidays boost your mood and give you a better perspective on life. They give your brain and body the chance to relax and reconnect with what’s important – your family, your creativity, yourself.

They take you worlds away from your world and allow you to completely disconnect from the daily stresses, curveballs and obstacles life hurls at us.

In fact, clinical psychologist, Deborah Mulhern, told ABC that when you don’t unwind and get away from “external stresses” (like a heavy workload), it gets harder for your body to relax.

Even anticipating a vacation can improve your mood. Researchers who studied 974 vacationers from the Netherlands discovered that planning for a vacation makes people happier before they go.

So here’s some reasons why surf holidays are the best way to switch off, relax and recharge:


1. Holiday You is different to Normal You

Holiday You doesn’t check your iPhone every second. Holiday You doesn’t wear a watch. There’s no alarm and nowhere to be each morning. Holiday You is light and breezy and trouble-free.

You’re happy if you’ve had a decent coffee, scored some good waves (or relaxed on the shore while your partner is surfing out the front).

You’re content if the little ones love the kids club and you’ve read a few chapters of your favourite book that’s been gathering dust on your bedside.

You’re not checking in to see if your husband left the chicken out to defrost or whether your son has finished their science assignment. Or worrying about whether you’re working too hard and not spending enough time with your kids and wife.

You’re taking in the natural beauty, writing in your diary and breathing in sunrises and sunsets.

Rushing seems counterintuitive on a chill surf holiday. Tropical surf holidays are the epitome of the place where time stands still.

Holiday You knows the best surf holidays all about blissing out, not having a ‘schedule’ and going with the flow. It’s the opposite of hectic city life. It’s palm trees and salty air and sandy beaches.

The only angst-ridden decisions Holiday You makes on a surf holiday is whether to go snorkelling or scuba diving and which delicious cocktail to order at happy hour.

And whereas you might be snapping everything like crazy on Instagram while you’re strutting around Europe, there’s loads of time to just take it all in on a surf holiday. You take beautiful pics when the moment hits you, but there’s no pressure to be taking shots all day long.


Relaxing at Six Senses Laamu Maldives Family Surf Resort


2. You’re at one with the elements.

When nature is the headline event, it’s hard not to be relaxed.

Trips to NYC might come with Broadway shows and smoky basement bars and incredible museum exhibitions. But all that urban edge and glitziness and crazy hustle has you passing out in bed with exhaustion once you’re done.

Surf holidays are different.

Combine the power of fresh air, warm sun, crashing surf, soul-soothing yoga and ridiculously fresh and healthy cuisine, and you’ve got relaxation served up on a rattan tray of tropical island loveliness.

The long sunlit days. Lazy afternoons swinging on the hammock. The sweet stillness of it all.

Natural beauty is everywhere on a surf holiday, and it forces you to truly disconnect.

Surf holidays force you to reconnect with you.

It’s that luscious time where you get back in touch with your dreams and goals and the things that tug at your heart.

On a surf holiday, you can do loads of crazy activities, or you can do nothing at all. It’s your choice.

And absorbing the simplicity and beauty of nature is the best part of it all.


The morning commute at Six Senses Laamu Surf Resort Maldives

The morning commute at Six Senses Laamu

Outdoor bathroom at Six Senses Laamu Surf Resort Maldives

The tiptoe to the shower at Six Senses Laamu

3. There’s less time to ‘log on’.

According to Forbes magazine, after enjoying several tech-free vacations with his family, American entrepreneur and CEO of O2E Brands, Brian Scudamore introduced a “go dark” policy that calls on all employees to completely disconnect from work while on vacation.

This means no calling the office or checking emails when they’re supposed to be relaxing or going on adventures. It’s about total disconnection.

The simplicity of a surf holiday is that it gives you the freedom to enjoy the very best of land and sea. It gives you the best chance possible to actually disconnect.

From waves and lagoons and pools to animal safaris, basket weaving and village tours, no one will want to ‘log on’ and crank up their screen time when there are so many fun family adventures to experience together.

This means you can switch off from the technology treadmill and leave the online world behind for a while.

We choose Wayfarer hotels based on their rustic luxury vibes and beautiful natural surroundings for this very reason.

Our resorts are for those who find their finesse in minimum fuss.

For those who love indigenous touches, sublime surf, barefoot beauty and sustainable, sensory adventures.

From the jungle-clad shores of Indonesia to the exotic ends of the earth, you can immerse yourself in tropical bliss and enjoy spaces that nurture inner growth and wild living.

You just won’t have time to be scrolling through your smartphone – there is too much to see and do.

And the chance to just be.


Relaxing at Six Senses Laamu Maldives Family Surf Resort


Do you feel like you need a recharge? A Wayfarers Atlas’ surf holiday is the perfect way to disconnect.

Palm trees. Waves. Sunsets. Rustic luxury vibes. Stunning interiors.

What more could you want?





Those poolside cocktails and rolling waves are waiting….

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