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5 Reasons to Pick the Maldives for your next Family Surf Trip
February 16th, 2019 + Wayfarers Atlas

Long have the villas on stilts and lavish resorts of the Maldives been synonymous with the honeymoon crowd. For couples with kids, the idea of hauling squealing small ones into a world of whimsical romance seemed an impossible feat.

But over the past few years, things have started to change. The Maldives, no longer solely reserved for tangled lovers, has picked up the pace, offering a sublime paradise playground for family surf travel. For those looking to strip away the crowd factor, ride hollow waves, and bask in the brilliant child-friendly amenities of a first-class surf resorts – here are the reasons to pick the Maldives for a family surf trip…

1. A Welcoming Space

The Maldives has cracked the code for keeping everybody happy. While some islands keep adult-only company, there has been a surge in exceptional resorts flinging open their doors to welcome families looking for luxury surf travel. Resorts like Niyama Private Islands boast amazing Kids Clubs thoughtfully tailored to keep young ones entertained so parents can surf and chill. Along with highly curated kid’s clubs, these resorts also boast spacious villas, restaurant menus to fit children’s tastes, and a super laid-back vibe, so you don’t need to stiffen in your seat when your brood gets boisterous.

2. A Pick of Perfect Conditions

Families who surf together, stay together – but not everyone is on the same level. Your eight-year-old may be more comfortable carving up smaller waves as opposed to hitting razor sharp reef breaks. Fortunately, all the Maldives surf resorts have well-put together programs to suit the whole family – from boat ride surfari’s for intrepid teenagers to white water classes close to shore. The Maldives also boasts an endless array of conditions, from the small breaks of South Male to the tubular swell of Cokes – you will find your match in the Maldives.

3. A Choice of Pace

Whether you want an action-packed week of go go go or if you are seeking peace, serenity and solitude for your family – you can temper the Maldives to suit your mood. Wear your kids down to the bone with endless watersports, snorkelling trips, surf lessons, game clubs, and nature walks. For those who prefer a laid-back lifestyle – hours can be lost in sublime spa bliss, splashing in the shallows, or simply drinking fruit smoothies and reading books around the pool. The Maldives is far from a cookie cutter experience, it invites you to put your own stamp on paradise.

4. Purely Laid-Back Luxury

When people become parents, it doesn’t mean they want to leave the world of time, space and luxury behind – the Maldives is a destination that truly seems to get this. The whole vibe of the Maldives is built on accessible luxury surf travel with a horizontal vibe. Quality is everything in these resorts – from the linen white sheets to the private plunge pools in beautiful stilted villas. But still, your kids are encouraged to bounce around, splash and pass out in rollaway beds beneath a sky of stars. Service is impeccable – but still, it comes with a smile, cookies and milk at bedtime as part of turndown service, and spa menus designed for small people.

5. A Brilliant Balance

For parents or those travelling with kids, family memories are magical. Yet, many adults crave the balance of some alone time. Many Maldivian resorts are etched out to deliver that balance. With kid’s clubs that can last all day and babysitting services in the eve, you can take your time to go out surfing alone, spend the afternoon getting a massage, or drinking wine and walking on moonlit sands come the evening.

Families looking for low-key luxury surf travel, incredible facilities and consistent surf in the sun all year round will fall hard and easy for the warm welcome the Maldives has to offer.


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