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5 Incredible Surf and Yoga Holiday Resorts
October 29th, 2019 + Wayfarers Atlas

Ever complementary; surf and yoga holidays bring together an award-winning combination for those who want to balance out. Both surfing and yoga can be considered spiritual practices and help to centre the self around nature, inner peace, and having ownership over your way of life. Beyond the emotional benefits, surf and yoga holidays work in harmony on the physical side; helping surfers to achieve better balance, core strength, perfect posture techniques and even patience when out in the water. Here are our favourite luxury surf resorts that deliver high-class yoga programs for a fully immersive body and mind workout.

The Top Resorts for a Surf and Yoga Holiday


Nay Palad, Philippines

On the island of Siargao, Nay Palad is a sure-fire slice of paradise and the perfect place for a surf and yoga holiday. Surfers couldn’t dream up a better place to be situated than only 15 minutes away from the world-famous Cloud 9. An incredible wave that barrels over a shallow reef, pros and world-class surf publications flock to this spot. If Cloud 9 makes you tremble, then Nay Palad is well within range of over twenty breaks to suit all levels.

Back at the stunning sustainable resort and sun salutations are practised at the Nay Palad Hideaway with dedicated pavilions and programs perched four meters above the ground so you can be at one with the trees. For extra-special yoga sessions, you can take the SUP out to the sea pagoda and bring out your daily practice against the backdrop of the pristine ocean.


Nay Palad Yoga at Yoga Pavillion

yoga in the Nay Palad tree house

surfing at Nay Palad Philippines Surf Resort

Siargao Island, Philippines


Matanivusi Resort, Fiji

Surf safaris and daily yoga classes in the stunning palm surrounded pavilion are a match made in heaven at Fiji’s fabulous Matanivusi Resort. With an emphasis on high sustainability including rainwater harvesting and local educational programs, Matanivusi balances body, mind and soul in one saltwater sweep.

An enormous lagoon sits right on your doorstep for those early morning plunges, and homely dining spaces deliver healthy local grown delights. Boat trips to the best surf breaks in the southern hemisphere can be planned daily and tailored to fit your level. Those looking for a more personal approach to yoga can book private programs.


yoga at Matanivusi Surf Resort

yoga at Matanivusi Surf Resort

surfing at Matanivusi Surf Resort

Matanivusi Resort, Fiji


Nihi Sumba, Indonesia

Indonesia is brimming with wonder, and Nihi Sumba offers a rugged adventure for those seeking surf and yoga holidays in one of the wildest tropical corners. Treehouses dot the jungle-clad lands, there’s an overarching commitment to conscious luxury, and the swells come thick and fast. Yoga comes in daily doses and can be matched to a personal wellness program designed just for you.

Occy’s Left is perhaps the most famous name close to Nihi Sumba, and the exclusive break is reserved for ten surfers a day ensuring the pleasure of riding a remote swell free from the tangle of crowds. Beyond the breaks and the resort has an impressive surf program, including the amazing surf survival skill shop from the co-founder of Survival Apnea. Expect workshops on mental strength, breathwork, and improving your tolerance to physical challenges – all designed to help you reach new heights in your surf practice.


ladies doing yoga at Nihi Sumba on family surf trip

Lady surfing at Nihi Sumba on family surf trip

Nihi Sumba, Indonesia


Hotel Komune, Bali

The Island of the Gods is home to some of the best surf and yoga holiday resorts in the world. Bali has long been synonymous with spiritual practice and the laid-back beach lifestyle, making it an epic choice for your luxury surf escape. Skip the crowds in favour of the lesser-known eastern coast and head to the Hotel Komune.

Go big and blissful with a beachfront suite or keep it simple with a surf and crash resort room. There’s a young and family thriving vibe and lashings of California inspired cool that makes for an amazing health hub and yoga space. When it comes to surfing, the Hotel Komune is bucket list material offering guests the chance to night surf on the powerful right-hander of Keramas just outside the door.


Yoga at Hotel Komune Bali Surf Resort Wayfarers Atlas

Surfing at Hotel Komune Bali Surf Resort Wayfarers Atlas

Hotel Komune, Bali


Aloita Resort, West Sumatra

There’s no place better to find your balance than when surrounded by the ever-nurturing mother nature. Sumatra’s Aloita Resort delivers an intimate and natural haven in the heart of the Mentawai Islands. Gourmand gorgeous eating, private beaches, and cultural trekking tours make the top of our list, but it’s the emphasis on making Aloita a surf and yoga holiday haven that makes it stand out.

Yoga lovers will be smitten by the double daily program set to the rhythms of sunrise and sunset. Surfers will be endlessly in their element as Aloita offers access to 70 percent of the best waves in the Mentawai all within less than an hour away. There’s a house reef for mellow moods and two daily speedboats heading out to the best breaks every day.


Yoga at Aloita Resort Mentawai Islands West Sumatra Wayfarers Atlas Surf and Yoga Resort

Surfing at Aloita Resort Mentawai Islands West Sumatra Wayfarers Atlas

Aloita Resort, Mentawai Islands


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