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Kim Macqueen

Australia, SYDNEY, Northern BEACHES

A family of 5.
The Environmental Scientist, the Trader and the 3 Little Wayfarers.
The explorers, the ultimate surf frother and the super mum searching for the perfect work/life balance.
Off the beaten track, waves and comfort.

Wayfarers Atlas Macqueen Family Wayfarers Atlas Macqueen Family

“Sam loves surfing almost as much as he loves his kids which is why the majority of our holidays involve sun, sand and surf, whether it be in Australia or overseas.”


How has travelling changed for you since having children?

Since having kids, our trips have to be more thought out; length of flights, suitable accommodation, transport, LUGGAGE!!… Destinations that were once so enticing are no longer on our radar. For example, Indo used to be a firm favourite, but after bouts of Bali Belly on previous trips we would be hesitant to take our tribe. Locations with good surf, beautiful beaches, clean, somewhere for the adults to relax, and young kids to have fun is now what attracts our attention.


What advice would you give to other parents thinking about their first trip with a baby/children?

Start close; a 4-hour flight is a lot more manageable with babies or multiple children than two flights of 8 and 10 hours with a 3 hour Singapore stop over!

Ask for cots and highchairs to be provided in your accommodation, and transport/transfers to include suitable capsules/car seats to reduce the amount you need to lug.


what’s been the hardest part about travelling with a baby/children?

  • Packing to ensure babies/kids have everything they need without taking EVERYTHING! The beauty of travelling with another family is that you can share resources, e.g. nappies when you are running low; snacks – because they always want what someone else is eating; and you can share child-minding duties.
  • Ensuring there is access to filtered drinking water and that we have packed suitable non-perishable snacks and food for the kids.
  • Time differences and disruption to our usual routine.


what’s the best part about travelling with your kids?

Exposing our kids to new environments, cultures and adventures, spending quality time and creating beautiful memories.


How have you best dealt with time zone changes and KIDS routine on holidays?

We try to stick to our usual routine regardless of the time differences. It usually takes a day or two to adjust but works well – nothing worse than having tired and irritable kids on holidays.


What are your Family Travel essentials?

  • We usually take two large travel bags – one for parents and one for the kids.
  • Baby Bjorn travel cot (unless provided)
  • A stroller that fully reclines allows you to be out and about for nap times. We have recently purchased a Maclaren Double Stroller for our twins.
  • Preferred nappies, wipes, snacks and sunscreen for little ones
  • When travelling overseas with babies, I always bring Milton tablets or a Medela microwave sterilising bag depending on what’s available in our accommodation to clean dummies, teething toys, breast pump etc.
  • Baby monitor
  • Universal bath plug
  • Washing powder


Kids essentials for the plane?

  • Water bottle, snacks (particular favourites for bribery…)
  • Colouring books and pencils
  • Favourite toy
  • Ipad – with highly educational apps of course… and headphones now that Reefs favourite show is Fireman Sam on repeat…
  • Baby carrier(s)


What influences your travel decision?

The length of flight? Cost? Services & Facilities?
  • After a nice long flight to the Maldives with a toddler, we would say the shorter the flight, the better…
  • For surf destinations, all-inclusive packages including transfers to avoid hidden costs. Included boat trips to surf breaks is also a bonus.


Any tips on how to travel light with children?

  • Organise cots and highchairs with your accommodation
  • Hire or organise with transfers/transport suitable capsules and car seats
  • Use towels and bulky clothes to pad surfboard bags
  • Limit number of clothes per person and pack washing powder


What ‘Mum’ bag do you travel with?

  • The State of Escape Carry all – I use the mesh zip bag for the babies nappies, wipes etc. so I can leave it behind when popping out without the tribe.
State of Escape Carry All in Pewter

State of Escape Carry All in Pewter

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Paradiso Island Time Slides

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