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Who are we?

We are Wayfarers Atlas, the premium surf travel destination and online booking agency for families who love waves, barefoot luxury, sustainability, stunning design, balance and something a bit different for their holidays.

Why book through us?

Because we do barefoot luxury for surfing families really well.

What sets us apart is our curated selection of beautifully designed resorts with a unique vibe, boasting awesome waves close by (so the surfers can maximise their time with loved ones) and offering a range of onshore activities to keep everyone happy and entertained.

The hotels and resorts on our site are handpicked to make sure you experience your dream surf trip, complete with all the facilities, tours and activities your family needs to create lifelong memories.

All you have to do is search for a hotel, destination or the type of vacation you wish to book and we’ll curate the perfect surf holiday for you. We’re also a full service, end-to-end booking agency so we can do it all for you to save you the hassle of figuring this out on your own.

Should I join The Wayfarers Club?

The Wayfarers Club is a collection of boutique and luxury surf travellers’ that revel in combining their passion for travel and cultural experiences with their desire to seek out some of the worlds most sort after surf breaks in incredible destinations around the planet.
Go to the header, under Our Story, click on The Wayfarers Club tab to read all about the benefits of being a member.

I am a ‘surf widow’ - I don’t surf. Do Wayfarer Hotels offer other fun things to for me (and my children) to do?

Absolutely. We realise that a family surf holiday is not just about the surfer but about his or her little Wayfarers and partners back on shore (and the overall experience). All of our thoughtfully designed hotels and resorts have an enviable range of activities and leisure options - from day spas to kids clubs to cultural day trips to fine food. You name it. Whatever takes your fancy, the diverse range of Wayfarer selections have you covered.

What does it cost to book through Wayfarers?

There are no booking fees or hidden charges when you book through Wayfarers. You have complete access to our experienced travel agent who is well versed in barefoot luxury surf travel.

How does Wayfarer select its resorts?

When you’re relaxing in a truly magical place, watching the sun set over the island as your tiny babies eat sand and your partner surfs epic breaks, you realise that families deserve an ‘out of this world’ experience too.

They deserve the kind of facilities, services and hospitality that only a first-class surf holiday provides. Where there’s something spectacular for everyone. The surf lover needs time to paddle out and find their barrel for the day. The non-surfer needs time to do whatever they desire - massages, relaxation, diving, trips to local villages, fishing, local cooking classes, spa sessions and more.

That’s why with each and every hotel or resort, we make sure that the search for the perfect wave and time spent in the surf is efficient - with premium waves only footsteps, or a short journey away. You’ll spend less time travelling to mind-blowing spots and more time with your partner or family when you return to the sand.

And all of our selections have something special about them - the design, the style, the ethos, the little touches, the perfect mix of rattan and billowing white linen, the overall experience. We pick the unique and rare gems that have a special blend of culture meets style meets boho luxe charm. They all have a vibe that sets them apart from your usual hotels.

For the boutique properties off the beaten track, we’ll give you all of the information you need on hand to decide if it is right for your family - for example, you’ll know if there is an island doctor, but you’ll also have all the info about the nearest medical facilities in the event of an emergency.

How do I book?

An ‘Enquire’ button is located on the top right corner of our website, as well as located on each hotel or resort listing. Click ‘Enquire’, and you will be directed to our enquiry form where you can provide all the information (family members, dates, preferred room type and occupancy, destination preference, etc.) our agent needs to get your enquiry underway.

If you’re looking for a bespoke, tailored itinerary and advice about your trip, you can speak with our expert travel advisor. Submit your online enquiry and our travel specialists will contact you to discuss your accommodation requirements, destination desires and assist you with the planning and booking of your trip. You can browse The Wave Diaries for inspiration on where to book for your next trip or check out our Collections for an interest-specific travel guide.

Can I book extra beds or cost for the little ones and are there family rooms available?

Of course - we’re here to make sure your family trip is comfortable. Most of us travel with children of all ages and we understand that you need to get the bed situation perfect! Make sure you specify how many adults and kids are travelling when submitting an enquiry and our travel specialist can find the perfect room for you and your family.

Do all of the hotels have kids’ clubs?

Most of the larger resorts have kids’ clubs and many of the smaller boutique resorts can arrange a babysitting service. If the resort doesn't offer options for kids’ clubs, nannies or babysitting, we will include this information on the listing and highlight all of the activities kids and families can do together at that resort, hotel and destination.

How can we contribute a story to the Wave Diaries?

We’d love you to share your stories, adventures and surf breaks with us. You can email to submit your story for consideration. Just put #wearewayfarers in the subject header. To our surfing adventures!

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